Squareeater and Unknown Unknowns Recap

Last Saturday we had an exciting presentation by the creator of Squareeater who described the brain science behind his project.

Sound’s effects on the brain, references of note:

Final Relaxation – so relaxing you will die.


The most shocking album of our generation! A radical cult-group masquerading as a educational organization, The Golding Institute presents this disturbing audio program that enables the listener to die… simply by listening to it! A record with the power to kill! Stomach-turning medical tones and a horrible narration take the listener through a series of visualization and breathing techniques that shut down the body’s organs one by one…until the subject is finally dead.

We also viewed this disturbing video clip that inspired Squareeater’s ventures. Are binaural beats the gateway drug to beer? Watch this video to learn more.



For her discussion about Unknown Unknowns, Angie Waller shared her data collection secrets behind word clouds such as these:

“Most Searched Fears”

“Most Searched Fears”

This word cloud of “most searched fears” was transformed into a glow in the dark letterpress print available to purchase in the show/shop.

light blocking curtain revels the glow in the dark effects.

“Most Searched Fears” – view of print in pitch dark room


“Most Searched Fears” – closeup of letterpress print before glowing



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