Nov. 30 to Jan. 13 at The Present Company

Nov. 30 to Jan. 13 at The Present Company

Holiday Pop-up Shop
at the Present Company
November 30, 2012 – January 13, 2013

29 Wythe Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11211 |
*Entrance: 101 N 13th Street

Store Hours Fri, Sat & Sun noon-6pm and by appointment
closed for holidays December 22– 30

November 30th 2012 7pm – 11pm

January 12th 2013 7pm-11pm

Pretty Conceptual is the the second iteration of the ongoing Present Projects series at The Present Company.

Pretty Conceptual, curated by Angie Waller, is a concept store tailored to pretty conceptual lifestyles. It will appeal to those who analyze the semiotics of greeting cards but never end up sending one; crave the latest gadgets but fetishize glitches and outmoded media; and enjoy products that poetically fail to live up to their grandiose promises.

Products span numerous lifestyle categories, including mind alteration, self-improvement, cutting-edge technology and fashion. You will find things that you didn’t know you needed. Prices will defy expectations.

Pretty Conceptual features products by Kristin Lucas, Emily Spivack, Squareeater, and Angie Waller with publications and multiples by Badlands Unlimited, Eric Doeringer, David Horvitz, Katarina Jerinic, Sarah Nicholls, Yoshua Okón, Ryland Wharton, and Julia Weist.

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