Closing Party Featuring Digital Drugs


Happy New Year from Pretty Conceptual! We are pleased to announce our final closing events that will stimulate and challenge your visual and auditory senses to hallucinatory effects.

Ben Coonley will be presenting a live performance inspired by Vito Acconci’s Centers and the 2D glasses available in the Pretty Conceptual shop. Coonley’s performance, “Poke Your I Out” will delineate and penetrate the extremities of a 3D monitor’s stereoscopic window. For 42 minutes (one minute for each year since Centers, 1971), the artist will update and expand on Acconci’s seminal video using 3D technology and a fireplace blow-poke.

Following Coonley’s performance, Squareeater will present a collective “i-dosing” experience. I-dosing, also known as digital drugs, are audio files designed to induce drug-like effects. All teenagers need are headphones, a computer and mp3 player. Using binaural or two-tone technologies, i-dosing claims to alter your mental state.

“I heard it was like weird demons and stuff through an ipod or something.” – Meghan Edwards, Mustang High School Student, Oklahoma City, OK.

“i-dosing could very well indicate a willingness to experiment with real drugs.”
-News 9 Oklahoma City

Our gathering will be the first to transform the once solitary activity of “i-dosing” into a group experiment. Dancing and drinks will follow.


More info on digital drugs:

Squareeater website

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