Ben Coonley will present “Poke Your I Out”

Inspired by Hank Green’s 2d glasses technology, Ben Coonley will be presenting a live performance inspired by Vito Acconci’s Centers and the 2D glasses available in the Pretty Conceptual shop. Coonley’s performance, “Poke Your I Out” will delineate and penetrate the extremities of a 3D monitor’s stereoscopic window. For 42 minutes (one minute for each year since Centers, 1971), the artist will update and expand on Acconci’s seminal video using 3D technology and a fireplace blow-poke.

2d glasses, available in the Pretty Conceptual shop, are made of two polarized lenses that filter out part of the imagery needed to make the 3d image work. Hank Green invented these glasses for his wife after learning she developed migraines after watching 3d movies. So that his wife would not be in pain and he would not have to go to see Tron by himself, the 2d glasses came into being.

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