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Some items from the pop-up shop are available online.
Available online:

by Angie Waller

Most Searched Fears – glow in the dark letterpress print

Good Ideas/Bad Ideas – dos-à-dos blank notebook


by Julia Weist

Digitized Printed Braille Playboy – inkjet print book


by Ryland Wharton

Exhume to Consume to Exhume Again – digital offset print


by David Horvitz

Sad, Depressed, People – limited edition riso prints

more to come!


Additionally, works that can be purchased directly from the artists
Sarah Nicholls – Phosphorescent Face Highlighter- Artist Book
Eric Doeringer – Artist Bootlegs
Eric Doeringer – Artist Publications
Badlands Unlimited – Mans in the Mirrors – 3D e-book for ipad or iphone

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