Kristin Lucas’s Yard Sale

Below is documentation of virtual objects available through Kristin Lucas’s Yard Sale. So far we have had reports from many satisfied customers who received their virtual items in the comfort of their own homes over the holidays.

There are still a few editions remaining in her inventory. Come by on our closing weekend Jan. 11-13 to secure your order!



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Weekend Dec. 8-9 recap

We had an event-filled weekend with presentations by Emily Spivak, Julia Weist and Sarah Nicholls.

Emily shared some of her stories from Sentimental Value.

Some of the crowd favorites were:


Julia Weist presented her Archive of the Digital Lost.

Neural Circuitry of Analog Activities

The archive covers a wide array of subjects within the analog-digital divide. Some of the most compelling examples demonstrate metaphors for digital technology that keep a grasp on the analog world. Her archive questions the seemingly obvious, such as where did the “cloud” analogy originate?

Although some of the graphics are charmingly dated as they document our understanding of the Internet in its early 28k dial-up days, many objects in the archive bring awareness to rumors even savvy Internet users no longer question. For instance, who invented the Internet anyway? Julia invites contributions, more information at her site.


Sarah Nicholls and Phosphorescent Face Highlighter

On Sunday, Sarah Nicholls talked about her process in making the most expensive self-help book in the show, “Phosphorescent Face Highlighter.” The text are sampled from advice columns, modernist theory and the godfather’s of self-help – Landmark Forum, Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous. These contents are composed with handset type as well as linoleum cuts of hand drawn type.

This video serves as a supplement to the book. To create the animation, each frame was composed on paper and scanned.

Your Own Lazy Siesta from Sarah Nicholls on Vimeo.


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Squareeater and Unknown Unknowns Recap

Last Saturday we had an exciting presentation by the creator of Squareeater who described the brain science behind his project.

Sound’s effects on the brain, references of note:

Final Relaxation – so relaxing you will die.


The most shocking album of our generation! A radical cult-group masquerading as a educational organization, The Golding Institute presents this disturbing audio program that enables the listener to die… simply by listening to it! A record with the power to kill! Stomach-turning medical tones and a horrible narration take the listener through a series of visualization and breathing techniques that shut down the body’s organs one by one…until the subject is finally dead.

We also viewed this disturbing video clip that inspired Squareeater’s ventures. Are binaural beats the gateway drug to beer? Watch this video to learn more.



For her discussion about Unknown Unknowns, Angie Waller shared her data collection secrets behind word clouds such as these:

“Most Searched Fears”

“Most Searched Fears”

This word cloud of “most searched fears” was transformed into a glow in the dark letterpress print available to purchase in the show/shop.

light blocking curtain revels the glow in the dark effects.

“Most Searched Fears” – view of print in pitch dark room


“Most Searched Fears” – closeup of letterpress print before glowing



Web links:

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Opening Nov 30

ENTRANCE: 101 N. 13th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Brooklyn, NY, November 3, 2012 —Present Company is pleased to announce Pretty Conceptual, the second iteration of our ongoing Present Projects series. Hosted in the back room of our gallery, these temporary invasions by guest colleagues serve to compliment our exhibition programming through experimental entrepreneurial endeavors.

Pretty Conceptual, curated by Angie Waller, is a concept store tailored to pretty conceptual lifestyles. It will appeal to those who analyze the semiotics of greeting cards but never end up sending one; crave the latest gadgets but fetishize glitches and outmoded media; and enjoy products that poetically fail to live up to their grandiose promises.

Products span numerous lifestyle categories, including mind alteration, self-improvement, cutting-edge technology and fashion. You will find things that you didn’t know you needed. Prices will defy expectations.

Pretty Conceptual features products by Kristin Lucas, Emily Spivack, Squareeater, and Angie Waller with publications and multiples by Badlands Unlimited, Eric Doeringer, David Horvitz, Katarina Jerinic, Sarah Nicholls, Yoshua Okón, Ryland Wharton, and Julia Weist.




(see for more details and announcements)


Kristin Lucas offers virtual products by artist collaborators that can be viewed using a free app on recent iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. Blind to the naked eye, her products are discovered when passing through their programmed longitudinal/latitudinal location within the gallery. When an object is purchased, it will be programmed to appear in the buyer’s (or gift recipient’s) home.

Emily Spivack will present clothing and accessories from her ongoing research “Sentimental Value” ( Each of the objects on display was collected on eBay not because of its function or design, but because of the narrative the seller attached to the item.

Squareeater – This Brooklyn-based artist’s product largely appeals to teenage boys looking for a natural high. The pulsing animations “stimulate the brain to lead users to the furthest edges of the conscious mind.” A testimonial from one of the site’s thousands of visitors describes it best:

“i started to see like this massive flower, on another i saw these weird floating head things, on another i saw what i think was strings or something and some black and white flashing one it was like an out of body experience or like i was floating or something…”

Angie Waller will offer selections from her Unknown Unknowns product line including limited edition prints, books and tattoos. Her products are tailored to the questions and desires of anyone who has ever used Google. (

Publications and multiples by Badlands Unlimited, Eric Doeringer, David Horvitz, Katarina Jerinic, Sarah Nicholls, Yoshua Okón, Ryland Wharton, and Julia Weist.

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